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Artificial box hedges in planter boxes

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ReadyLeaf box leaf hedging

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Black bamboo

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ReadyLeaf artificial leaf tiles

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Black bamboo with frame

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Moso bamboo with frame

GreenScreens Fencing Products

ReadyLeaf faux leaf screens and hedges.

ReadyLeaf  box hedges and fencing tiles are ideal for a wide range of screening and privacy needs. Hardy, natural looking and easily installed, Readyleaf products are a hassle free alternative to the real thing.

UV stabilised for exterior use. Made of recycled polyethelene, they are rugged and perform well in sun, wind and rain.

ReadyLeaf box-leaf hedges are attractive and convincing replica hedges  They can be built to any size and come in 4 different leaf types

We supply with planter boxes or you can choose your own planter and we'll make the hedge to fit. Many commercial and domestic applications. 

Bamboo Fencing

For beauty, strength and durability you can't beat bamboo fencing. Our bamboo fence rolls are easily installed, portable and adaptable.  Bamboo fencing provides a natural and attractive ambience to any garden setting.  The ultimate eco-fence .


black bamboo fence

Faux leaf hedges

Prices and specifications

ReadyLeaf screens and hedges for: 

  • Instant fencing and screening

  • Privacy, shelter and shade

  • Covering any surface or framework

  • Faux living walls

  • Garden patios, courtyards, borders

  • Covering building facades and bare walls

  • Interior decor for residential and commercial spaces

Bamboo Fences

Prices and specifications

GreenScreens bamboo fences are:

  • Eco-friendly

  • Naturally beautiful

  • Easy to erect

  • Portable and versatile

  • Durable and rugged

  • Great value for money


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